WBB#014 – Edycja tropikalna


Okładkowa grafika: „The hideaway II” by d-p


01 Keiji Sakata – Stage 1-1 (from New Adventure Island) [HES-G]
02 Blitz Lunar – Tropical Pink [NES-G]
03 Stello Doussis – Das Geheimnis Der Happy Hippo Insel Medley [GBC-G]
04 Mark Clements – Main Theme (from Summer Camp) [SID-G]
05 Saga Musix vs. Teasy – Reptile in Jamaica [MOD-S]
06 Katsuhiko Suzuki – Magical Sea (from McDonald’s Treasure Land Adventure) [SMD-G]
07 Ultrasyd – Bouncing Banana [AST-S]
08 Ai Yamashita – Summer (from Harvest Moon_ Friends of Mineral Town) [GBA-G]
09 Juha Jaakkola – Summer Breeze [XEL-S]
10 Falcom Sound Team jdk – BURNING! (from Dinosaur) [NPC-G]
11 Mutato Muzika – Prehistoric (from Crash Bandicoot 3_ Warped) [PSX-G]
12 Marcin Majdzik – Sun, Beach and Beer [SID-S]
13 Jenna Ramsey – Irie Party (from Duke Caribbean_ Life’s a Beach) [MID-G]
14 Nobuyuki Shioda – Banana Prince Medley [NES-G]
15 C-jeff – Island Refelections [ZXS-S]
16 Motoi Sakuraba – Yoshi’s Island (from Mario Golf) [N64-G]
17 Kees Tel – The Jungle Song [SID-S]
18 audiomonster – Melon [MOD-S]
19 JJK et. al. – Naj Story (Cover of Papa Dance) [MSC-S]
20 T’s Music – Ending (from PC Genjin 3) [TCD-G]

Całkowity czas odtwarzania: 1:21:18.879


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