WBB#12 – Przeszłość jest na następnym poziomie

00 WBB#12 Cover Image

Okładkowa grafika: „Rust Mesa” by Larwick (Oli Lee)


01 Paul Arnold & Andrew Barnabas – Main Titles (from C-12: Final Resistance) [PSX-G]
02 Ayako Mori – Trojan Medley [NES-G]
03 Skyline – Orichalcum [MOD-S]
04 Martin Galway – Akranoid [SID-G]
05 Neil Baldwin & Guy Cockcroft – Present Day II (from Duke Nukem: Zero Hour) [N64-G]
06 Damac & swallow – Butterfly Flew Away [MOD-S]
07 Takushi Hiyamuta – Redtailed Cat (from Undercover Cops) [SPC-G]
08 Andrew Sega – Modus X (from Iron Seed) [MOD-G]
09 Dariusz Duma – Day Without Idea [XEL-S]
10 Atsuhiro Motoyama – After Burst Medley [GBC-G]
11 benJam – The Ultimate Meeting [MOD-S]
12 Wally Beben – Quartz [AST-G]
13 Sugawara – Live in Future (Cover of Masahiro Yuge) [MID-S]
14 David Whittaker – Underground (from Shadow of the Beast) [TCD-G]
15 Dias – The Great Void (Aphelion) [NES-S]
16 Tsun. – One Step (Cover of PEARL) [MDX-S]
17 Yuzo Koshiro – Hope (from Slap Fight) [SMD-G]
18 Gyula Sipos – Double Meaning Feelings [MOD-S]
19 Eric Los – Bill’s Nightmare (from Dreams to Reality) [MSC-G]
20 CHEMOOL – Chronopolis (from Harlem Blade) [NPC-G]

Całkowity czas odtwarzania: 1:12:00.184


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