WBB#10 – Zieleń! Zieleń! Zieleń!


Okładkowa grafika: „Serenity” by Dex


01 Dan Kehler – Inside Forest Heart (from Eco Quest II: Lost Secret of the Rainforest) [MID-G]
02 Ai Yamashita – Theme of Spring (from Harvest Moon: Friends of Mineral Town) [GBA-G]
03 Blue Warrior – Green Greens (Cover of Jun Ishikawa) [MID-S]
04 Justin Scharvona – Theme of Croc (from Croc: Legend of the Gobbos) [PSX-G]
05 Adam Dunkels – Meadow [SID-S]
06 Michiel van den Bos – Heartwood Forest (from Age of Wonders) [MOD-G]
07 Grayscale Project – Windy Mind [XEL-S]
08 Jun Ishikawa – Kirby’s Dream Land Medley [GBC-G]
09 KID – Main Theme (from Green Oasis) [NPC-G]
10 Richard Jacques – Rusty Ruin (Act 2) (from Sonic 3D Blast) [SAT-G]
11 Jaan – Elephant [ZXS-S]
12 Azo – Sonora [MOD-S]
13 Shinobu Ogawa & Tenpei Sato – The Wilderness (from Valis) [SMD-G]
14 warder – In Her Eyes [MOD-S]
15 Robokabuto – Yearnings of the Wind (Cover of Yasunori Mitsuda) [NES-S]
16 Konami Kukeiha Club – Zen: Intergalactic Ninja Medley [NES-G]
17 Ekorren – My Flower Place [MOD-S]
18 Yasunori Mitsuda – The Girl Who Stole the Star (from Radical Dreamers: The Unstealable Jewel) [SFC-G]
19 swallow – Bambi [MOD-S]
20 Mr_Master – Peaceful Mood [NES-S]

Całkowity czas odtwarzania: 1:09:36.074


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