WBB#09 – Roboty chcą tylko mieć radochę


Okładkowa grafika: „Robot wants to play” by Sven Ruthner (ptoing)


01 YS – The Robots (Cover of Kraftwerk) [NES-S]
02 Shinichi Tanaka – Tate! Tosho Daimos (from 4th Super Robot Wars) [SFC-G]
03 Stew Perkins – Introduction (from Ultrabots) [MID-G]
04 norfair & nighthawk – Rainbow Runner [MOD-S]
05 Masaharu Iwata – Robocco Wars Medley [NES-G]
06 Jonathan Dunn – Main Title (from Robocop) [ZXS-G]
07 Yaa-san – Tokaiteioh [MDX-S]
08 Matt Furniss – Main Theme (from Escape from the Planet of the Robot Monsters) [SID-G]
09 Hidenobu Otsuki – Robopon Sun Version Medley [GBC-G]
10 Graff – Lighthouse Keeper’s Kite [MOD-S]
11 Jakim – Long Live My Robot [SID-S]
12 Mecano Associates – Act 1 (from Atomic Robo-Kid Special) [HES-G]
13 Richard Joseph – Main Theme (from Chaos Engine) [MOD-G]
14 nighthawk – Virtual Humanity [MOD-S]
15 Toshiaki Sakoda – For the Love of… (from Musha Aleste_ Full Metal Fighter Ellinor) [SMD-G]
16 jrlepage – Creepy Crag (Cover of Tim Follin) [NES-S]
17 Tommy Tallarico – Visions (from The Terminator) [SCD-G]
18 Necros – Point of Departure [MOD-S]
19 Randy Atkins – Ending B Mix (from Slave Zero) [SDC-G]
20 Tsu Ryu – Towa ni Ai Nashite (Cover of Masatomo Miyamoto) [MID-S]

Całkowity czas odtwarzania: 1:25:06.739

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