WBB#08 – Przemieniają świat we słowa


Okładkowa grafika: „The Pixelz of Oz” by Alexander Steiner (Captain Boboso)


01 Allister Brimble – Introduction (from Slightly Magic) [MID-G]
02 David Wise – Time Lord Medley [NES-G]
03 chavez & swallow – Imua elamaan [MOD-S]
04 Paul Romero – Free Haven (from Might and Magic VI_ The Mandate of Heaven) [MSC-G]
05 Manami Matsumae – Another Bible Medley [GBC-G]
06 David Whittaker – Gotham in Danger (from Batman_ Revenge of the Joker) [SFC-G]
07 RushJet1 – The Last Sunrise [NES-S]
08 Jorge D. Fuentes – Praying Hands (Cover of Konami Kukeiha Club) [MID-S]
09 Rob Wallace – Main theme (from Hocus Pocus) [MID-G]
10 Hiroshi Iuchi – Metempsychosis (from Ikaruga) [SDC-G]
11 Grzegorz Kwiatek – Trip [XEL-S]
12 Thomas Mogensen – The Quest (from BreakQuest) [MOD-G]
13 Patrick Zeh – 4 Ever Young (Cover of Alphaville) [SID-S]
14 LSnK – Eau Echo [MOD-S]
15 Tomasz Dajczak – Axilox [XEL-G]
16 SENEGAL – aurora.net Advertising BGM [MDX-S]
17 Larph – Carte Blanche (groevende remix) [MOD-S]
18 HertzDevil – Extends Levant [NES-S]
19 Toshiharu Yamanishi – Blood-Stained Lake (from Elemental Master) [SMD-G]
20 Japotek – The Whispering Rain [MOD-S]

Całkowity czas odtwarzania: 1:19:22.842

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